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We love hearing how shelter cats and dogs do in their new homes. If you have a happy ending story you'd like to share about an animal that came from the Mansfield Shelter, please e-mail the story to us at and attach a digital photo if possible.


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Ripple 2019


I adopted Ember (previously Ripple) back in November and wanted to give you a quick update. She is the sweetest girl in the world! She loves to cuddle and purr. Her favorite toys are a shoelace, hair tie, and laser pointer. See attached for pictures.
Thank you so much,

Binx a 2019Binx b 2019

Adopted May, 2019

Binx is doing great!! Since he came home he has adjusted well and loves to sit at the window and look at the cars driving by as well as sit in the bathroom sink! I am so thankful to everyone at the shelter who made his adoption possible, we are a perfect match! 



Pooh home 2019Smokey Bandit home 2019Pooh and Smokey Bandit
Adopted March, 2019

They’re great! We love them so much! They’ve got free reign of the house, they’re eating well. Friendly, snuggly, playful and sometimes mischievous (like constantly wanting to jump on the kitchen counters...)


Joe home 2019

Adopted March, 2019

Our family just wanted to reach out and thank everyone involved with the Mansfield Animal Shelter for allowing us to adopt the new man of the house, Mr. Joe! Joe has been with us now for a little over three weeks and, as you can see from the pictures, he seems to have adjusted quite well. Our three daughters are enamored by Joe, who handles the attention beautifully.


Faith at home 2019Faith at home _2 2019

Adopted March, 2019

Faith is settling in. She is adjusting to me and sleeps at the end of my bed at night or under the covers.



ChoChoSan home 2019

Cho Cho San aka Pippi
Adopted January, 2019

Pippi is our whole world, and I though you all might enjoy a few pictures of her new life. Her favorite thing is playing fetch with her toy mouse and napping half on my leg and half on Bob's, so that neither of us can get up! Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives.

Hi Alex and Bob,

Kitty bed home 2019

Adopted January, 2019Kitty floor home 2019

Kitty is doing good!   She found her corner of the living room and we set her up there with a covered bed, food and a litter box.    She sleeps most of the day but enjoys when we pet her and scratch under her chin.  We have been putting wet & dry food down morning and night and up until today she was just eating at night.   She now eats some in the morning.    The 3rd night home she came out of her covered bed (see Pic) when we were up and talking in the next room.   As I passed the living room she was roaming around, froze a bit when she saw me but I let her be.   Aidan went in shortly after, found her in her bed and sat beside the bed to pet her.  She came out and crossed his lap to walk around the living room ! She really is a precious little thing and we are so happy to have her in our lives!!

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