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New Dogs: Pepper, Hazel
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"You can't change the world by adopting one animal,
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Pepper quilt 2018


Pepper is a gentle and patient sweetheart who likes everybody! Pepper is a ten year old Shitzu who was surrendered because of his owner’s health problems. Pepper is a very mellow, low maintenance dog, with a sedentary life style, who enjoys human companionship. Pepper is missing one eye as the result of an old injury when he was attacked by another dog.

Pepper standing 2018
Hazel sitting 2018


Three year old Hazel is a friendly girl. She knows “sit,” but she pulls a bit on the leash and could use more training in that area. Loud noises are anxiety provoking for Hazel. She also might suffer from some separation anxiety. Hazel seems to be good with some dogs, but she should have a home with no cats. Overall, she is a very nice dog.

Hazel standing 2018



Private Adoptions Below - NOT AT THE SHELTER
The dogs below are not at the shelter, and volunteers have no additional information.
To learn more about the dogs, please use the contact email in their description.


Beckett needs a new home because of a change in his owner’s life. Beckett is a pure bred Parson Russell Terrier from a local breeder in Dighton MA. He was born on April 22nd 2009. He is house broken, and amazing at waiting and going. He  never has had table food. Beckett, like most terriers, can be high energy and does require daily activity and attention to help maintain his drive to hunt. He loves to be outside running, walking on the beach, and chasing his tennis ball or pushing his huge offshore lobster marker around the yard, which he could do for hours. Beckett also loves rope bones to help with his teeth. Beckett is up to date on all his vaccinations and shots. He does have allergies which make him lick his paws and has been on Apaquel 5.4mg daily for about 4 years to help control it. He does fine with kids, but smaller children can be an issue as he doesn't like to be touched near his paws, and can nip at times. He's not a fan of the mail man but what dog is -- oddly enough, he just barks at them, but when he's outside in the yard and they come he's fine.  Beckett loves to sun himself during the day, so a window area or the back of the couch is his favorite spots during the day. At night he loves to be in a blanket or in bed with you -- he really is a love bug. Beckett lives in Dartmouth, MA

Beckett is not at the shelter. For more information about Becket,  email Corey at
Please don’t contact the shelter because we have no additional information.

Beckett private 1
Beckett private ball




Alice lives in Mansfield. Alice needs a new home because the dogs in her home are not getting along anymore, and reintegration training isn't working either.  Alice was the victim of a dog fight, and since Maddy, the other dog, is unadaptable, Alice’s owners think it's time to find a new home for Alice.

Alice is 4 years old, a mixed breed (mostly Labrador), fully vaccinated (up to date records are available), house trained, and spayed.  She is anxious and has separation anxiety when left alone for too long.  She gets along with dogs and cats, but is mostly indifferent to children. She is fine with them, but prefers to cuddle with much more predictable adults.  Alice loves walks and hanging out in her backyard, watching the squirrels and birds.  Alice’s owners originally got her in Rwanda. She was part of a litter of pups from a Peace Corps volunteer's dog.  In her first month of life she survived an eye infection and lost four toes! Alice is quite the little survivor and loves cuddling with her owners, sleeping in their  bed, and playing tug of war.

For more information on Alice, email Patrick at:



If your dog is LOST, contact Missing Dogs Massachusetts via their Facebook page:

Missing dogs will not be posted on this website. Only dogs available for adoption are posted.

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