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We get new animals all the time so please stop in or call the shelter to find out about animals not listed here.
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Angel Baby 2017

Angel Baby

Surrendered because of her owner’s poor health, Angel Baby is a twelve year old, spayed female. Angel Baby is an indoor cat who has lived most of her life with one owner, and has never lived with cats, dogs, or children.

Angel Baby is Sponsored
In Memory of Bertie & Bobby.
Cheyanne stand 2017


Cheyanne is a four year old, short-haired female who was surrendered when a new baby entered the house. Cheyanne is friendly and playful. She would probably do well in most homes, although she might prefer to be the only cat in the home..

Cheyanne scratchpost 2017
Cheyanne is Sponsored by Diane.




Happy is a gentle, shy, and retiring cat who was originally surrendered when her owner became ill. Happy has lived with other cats and she can get along with them, but only if they are friendly and not aggressive. Happy needs a quiet, loving home, preferably with an experienced cat owner who won’t mind if Happy hides a lot when she is nervous.

Happy nest 2017
Happy is Sponsored
In Memory of Tigger & Mischief.