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Bink 2020


Brink is approximately two years old. He is a  stray who has been neutered and vaccinated.Brink is very energetic and playful. If he had a house, he would run and run.  He loves to crouch by the window to watch the birds, and he gets excited when he sees them at the feeder.  He talks a lot by making chirping sounds and letting out big meows.  Brink has a funny-cute personality.  When you try to pat him, he acts as though he wants you to, but then he backs away.  He’s not mean, but just not trusting.  Brink acts as though he really wants to be lovey, but he is scared that he will get hurt.  He likes being talked to.  He would need a family that knows he needs his space, and that they should allow him to make the moves and not try to push the interaction with him.  Over time, with the right family, he would probably learn to trust them.  He is wary though, so a loud, scary family might make him hide. Brink should be the only cat in the home.

Brink is Sponsored by Karen G.


Foofles and Boo Berry: 2 for 1 Adoption

Foofles and Boo Berry are 12 year old, indoor cats who were surrendered together when their owner moved. The cats have always been together, and we want them to be adopted together. The adoption fee will be waived for the second cat. They reportedly lived with a dog, but do not like small children.

BooBerry long 2020

Boo Berry

Boo Berry is the more outgoing of the two. She is friendly and likes to get attention and petting.

BooBerry 2020
Boo Berry is Sponsored In Memory of
Mischief, Tigger, and Peanut.
Foofles bed 2020


Foofles is very shy, but sweet, affectionate, and gentle. He will need a quiet home with a patient owner since he adjusts slowly to new situations. Daily brushing helps prevent fur balls.

Foofles is Sponsored by Denis.
Bandillo floor 2019

Oreo Bandillo

Oreo Bandillo is a handsome, medium-haired, eight year old, male, indoor cat. He is  sweet and affectionate, and likes to sit with his owner and sleep on his owner’s bed. Oreo Bandillo is also a timid cat who will hide from strangers, loud noises, children, dogs, and new situations. He will need a quiet home with a patient owner.

Oreo Bandillo is Front Declawed

Bandillo relaxing 2018
Oreo Bandillo is Sponsored
by Trooper and Friends.

Oreo Mint and Carrie Underwood: 2 for 1 Adoption

Oreo Mint and Carrie Underwood were surrendered together because of landlord restrictions. The cats get along well together, and we would prefer to see them be adopted together.
Adopt both, and the adoption fee will be waived for the second cat.


Oreo Mint

Oreo Mint is a short-haired, neutered male who is two years old. In his former home he was an affectionate indoor cat  who liked petting, sitting on laps, and sleeping or being with his owner.He is the more relaxed and outgoing of the two cats.

Oreo Mint is Sponsored
In Memory of Professor Robert Pritchard.



Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood is a one year old, spayed, long-haired female. She is shy at first in new surroundings, but in  her former home she was an affectionate indoor cat who and liked lap-sitting, petting, and being with her owner.

Carrie Underwood is Sponsored
by Sue & Kim Manteiga.
Peanut a 2020


Peanut is an eight year old, sweet and friendly female who was surrendered when her owner's living situation changed. In her former home Peanut was an indoor cat, and the only pet, and she might prefer to be the only cat in the home. Peanut was timid with strangers, but affectionate with her owner. Peanut loves to be petted and to have her ears scratched.

Peanut is Sponsored
by an Anonymous Benefactor.

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