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"You can't change the world by adopting one animal,
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We get new animals all the time so please stop in or call the shelter to find out about animals not listed here.
If you have any questions about any of the animals call the shelter at (508) 261-7339 or email

Coconut 2018


Coconut’s owner moved, and a friend adopted the cat, but after a month, the friend realized she had allergies, so Coconut was surrendered. Coconut is an affectionate 2 year old, female, indoor cat who likes to be with people.

Coconut is Sponsored
by Stuart and Bonnie Golde.
Harley floor 2018


Surrendered with another cat when their owner became ill, Harley is a ten year old male. Harley is a super sweet boy who likes to rub against you and be with you. He has a mellow, relaxed, affectionate, non-aggressive disposition. Harley is an indoor cat.

Harley is in a temporary foster home.

Harley pantry 2018
Harley is Sponsored by
The Cameron Family.

Hef and Lucylou - 2 for 1 Adoption

Hef and Lucylou were surrendered together, and we’re hoping to find a home where they can be adopted together.
The adoptionfee will be waived for the second cat.

Hef cattree 2018


Hef shelf 2018

Hef is a large, loving, 12 year old, indoor boy with a great disposition. Hef is easy-going, and enjoys attention. He just loves to be petted, and purrs up a storm. Hef was surrendered with Lucylou, and the two cats get along well. If adopted together, the adoption fee will be waived for the second cat.

Hef is Sponsored by Melissa Burke.
Hef Lucy
Lucylou cattree 2018


Lucylou is a dainty, seven year old, indoor female who was surrendered with Hef. Lucylou is shy at first, but when she feels secure she is a sweet and affectionate little cat. Lucylou and Hef get along very well together, and if adopted together, the adoption fee will be waived for the second cat, but Lucy doesn’t seem to like cats other than Hef.

Lucylou c 2018
Lucylou is Sponsored
by Daphne and Dylan.
JaneAusten c 2018

Jane Austen

Jane Austen is medium haired, and about a year old. She had a litter of kittens in June. Jane is a very sweet girl. She likes to be petted, and to sit and sleep with her humans.

JaneAusten b 2018
Jane Austen is Sponsored
by Robert & Christine.