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Coco floor a 2019


What a sweet but timid boy Coco is! Coco is about one year old. Because Coco is timid,  he will need a quiet home. He has never lived with other pets. At the shelter, Coco has shown how very  affectionate and loving he is when  he knows and trusts someone, such as a volunteer. He will cuddle, roll belly-up, and seek attention. Coco has never shown any signs of aggression, but he does hide when he is afraid or nervous.

Coco rolled 2019
Coco is Sponsored In Memory of Marilyn Gerling.
Mangi a 2019


Mangi is an adorable little stray who couldn’t be sweeter. While he was hanging around as an outdoor cat he was cared for by a friendly neighbor. But with the cold weather, Mangi was brought to the shelter, after a visit to the vet for an exam and vaccinations.  Mangi is a neutered male who could be ten years old. Mangie has some ear problems, and we have scheduled vet appointments to deal with it.

Mangi head 2019
Mangi is Sponsored by Patti L.
Papi tree 2019


Papi is a neutered male who is about a year and a half old. Papi is very energetic and playful. In his youthful exuberance he often plays roughly, and therefore might not be a good choice for a home with young children. Otherwise, he’s a friendly and entertaining boy.

Papi is Sponsored
In Memory of Professor Robert Pritchard.
Sassy Girl 2019

Sassy Girl

Sassy Girl is a four year old female. Sassy Girl is lively, talkative, and inquisitive. She would probably do well in a home with older children, or no children. Sassy Girl is an indoor cat who enjoys being petted, and sitting and sleeping with you.

SassyGirl 2019
Sassy Girl is Sponsored by Robert & Christine.
Schmookie head


Because she is about 14 years old, adopters generally overlook Schmookie, and she has been at the shelter for a year. Yet Schmookie is an attractive female who doesn’t look or act her age. Schmookie’s favorite spot is high on the cat tree perch. She enjoys being petted and scratched around her ears. Schmookie is a quiet, undemanding pet, and she tolerates other friendly cats.

Schmookie cagetop
Schmookie is Sponsored
by Adam & Krissy Rucker
Schmookie cat tree 2019
Shiva a 2019


Shiva is a young mom to kittens we recently had at the shelter. Shiva is independent, and might not like other cats. Shiva has an appointment set to be spayed.

Shiva floor 2019
Shiva is Sponsored by an Anonymous Benefactor.
SimonViking 2019 nest

Simon Viking

Simon Viking is a little stray who was timid when he first came to the shelter. But Simon is gradually becoming more relaxed. Treats help, because he loves them. He seems to be a sweet boy who will be a good cat when he gets into a loving home. Simon has a microchip that indicates he is about eleven years old.

Simon is Sponsored In Memory of Bertie & Bobby.


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