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We love hearing how shelter cats and dogs do in their new homes. If you have a happy ending story you'd like to share about an animal that came from the Mansfield Shelter, please e-mail the story to us at and attach a digital photo if possible.


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AJ home 2021


Thanks so much for hooking us up with A.J.   He's wonderful, sweet and gentle - and he's settling in like he's been with us all his life after just one day!   Really, he's so-o-o-o sweet - already stretching out with us on the couch - and in bed last night, just loving getting patted all the time and having his head scratched, kicking his toy mice all around, etc.   Thanks again, and keep up the good work!
Joe Saurino


Robin Jay home 2021

Robin and Jay

We have named these two new babes Sebastian and Samantha, and they are thriving. Sebastian is definitely the more sociable and engaging one while Samantha remains a little more shy. They are playful with each other and with us. They love catnip and treats!  We have a cat tower that they took too immediately and use that for scratching instead of the couch. They love our kids and took right away to sleeping in their rooms and responding very well to paying with them. It really feels like a hole has been filled in our family and we are so glad Sebastian and Samantha are a part of our little tribe. Thanks for your help facilitating their adoption.
Be safe, be well,
Matt Jacobson

Celie home 2021


Cailie (formerly Celie) is having a great time.  She loves to sprint in circles in the backyard, go for long walks, play with her toys and eat!  She also has attended numerous zoom meetings and Google meets and we think that she loves to hear the sounds of people talking.  She has been a true gift.


O'Malley home 2021


 I had the pleasure of adopting O'MALLEY  in September with the help of Lori Zola. He is a thriving happy boy, who has brought much love and fun to his new family.

Riesling home 2021


Just wanted to let you know that Winnie (formerly Riesling) is doing so well! She is about six months old now and is still just a little peanut, but she is happy and healthy and she is getting spayed on Tuesday! She has become so attached to me, I honestly could not have asked for a more sweet, loving little cat. She spends her days perched on my shoulder or sleeping in my lap, and we are so grateful to have her!



Morena 2021 home


I just wanted to let you know that Morena is doing great! My daughter, Jaida has a new friend!  Morena is a joy!  I attached a pic for you to see them together, they even sleep alike! I’ve set up her 1st appointment  for her 2nd distemper shot on 2/27.
I just wanted to say Thank You!

Thanks again,

Dewdrop home 2021


It has only been roughly 2 days since Dewdrop has come home with me but she is slowly coming out of her shell! She has shown she might be a lap cat after all. She is eating her meals and using the litter box like a queen. Dewdrop has shown she loves her scratch pad and sometimes is interested with a ribbon toy. Thank you for matching me and Dewdrop (nickname Dewy). She's perfect in every way!
- Edora

Milo home 2021


Milo has been an absolute treasure! I’m quite surprised how well he has adjusted to the family/kids. He’s extremely patient and kind with the kids & we absolutely love him! He’s adjusted quickly and within the following day was comfortable enough to roam around the house He’s an absolute cuddle bug.

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