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We love hearing how shelter cats and dogs do in their new homes. If you have a happy ending story you'd like to share about an animal that came from the Mansfield Shelter, please e-mail the story to us at and attach a digital photo if possible.


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Robin_Mary home 2023Robin and MaryRobin home 2023

Just sharing some pictures of Mary and Robin. They have settled in nicely, very relaxed and loving. We are starting introductions to our other cats slowly.

Goldie home 1GoldieGoldie home 2

 Everything is going great!  She is the sweetest and has really become so relaxed and comfortable over the last week! It’s been so fun to see her personality shine!
Thank you,

-Elizabeth & Peter Lewis

Brutus home 2023


After all these years (adopted 2008), Brutus is still going strong! He's been my best buddy for almost 14 years now, a testament to the work this shelter does. Thank you for allowing me to share this amazing soul's journey from surrendered to soul mate!

Kita home 2023Kita

Kita seems to be loving it in her new home. Who knew pit bulls could be such snuggle bugs! I swear she’s awake sometimes haha. She keeps me going so the only time I can take out my phone to take a picture is when she’s relaxing. She’s still recovering from her spay but so far so good. She gets so many compliments on how well behaved she is and how beautiful she is. We’re totally in love.
Thank you again for all you do to give these amazing creatures good homes. Feeling very thankful.
-Joe and Lauren

Zeus home 2023

Zeus has won our hearts with his boundless energy and curiosity in everything. He is such a good natured little guy, whether he is watching the birds or the snow coming down from the window, zooming up and down the stairs, or snuggling in our laps, making biscuits. We are so happy to have him as a part of our family. Thank you!

Cora 1 2023CoraCora 2 2023

Cora’s doing amazing! She is such a love and has slept with me every night since bringing her home. She’s super curious and loving and I could not ask for a better kitty. She’s getting lots of pets and kisses everyday. She goes nuts over her laser and her mouse toy ❤️

Spenser home 2023Spenser

Spencer is doing very well adapting to her new home. She prefers to stay in one room in an office where I work. She definitely loves pets and cuddles,  interaction with the kids, and she even likes to tap me as I'm working, trying to get my attention in the middle of a call. She has definitely taking over the hearts of everyone in the house. She loves being brushed. She likes to sit in her little hut and come out  for pets. She does like to play on my tablet where there's a mouse game for cats. We're very very happy that Spencer is part of our family and she seems very happy. Thank you


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