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MSF_KidsForCrittersMany  local young people make contributions to help the shelter animals. Usually these donations are items form our Wish List, or cash  that has been raised by saving spare change, having lemonade or cookie sales, or having birthday parties where kids request money or Wish List items for the animals instead of gifts for themselves. Unfortunately, we don't get the names of everyone who leaves donations at the shelter, but here are a few who have helped recently. Thank you to EVERYONE who has brought donations to the shelter.

If you would like to arrange to have a photo of your donation  posted on this website, please email:

Suggestions for young people who would like to contribute  to the medical and food expenses of the shelter animals:

  • Plan a Car Wash
  • Have a Bake Sale
  • Organize Collection Cans or a Stand at School Sports Events
  • Set up a Lemonade Stand
  • Donate a Birthday Party
  • Collect and Redeem Bottles

Click here for a list of the food and supplies we need donated to the shelter.

  • Thank You
OBrien Matthew Charlie

O’Brien’s Lemonade Stand

Matthew and Charlie O’Brien raised $50 at their lemonade stand, and donated to the shelter.

Ruby Richards 2019

Ruby Richards’ Collection

Ruby made a “tzadaka” box (box to collect money for charity) in Hebrew school earlier this year. She decided to save up her allowance and any loose change, and donate to the Mansfield Animal Shelter. The shelter holds a special place in Ruby’s heart since her family adopted a chocolate lab, Morty, from the shelter in 2014.


Lemonade Stand

Madelyn and Samantha Siegel, and their friends, organized a lemonade stand  to raise money for the animal shelter. In just 2 short hours they raised $158, thanks to the generosity of many neighbors and friends.



Jordan Jackson School Donation

Pictured are Brooke Mitchell, Maddy Wisdom, and Megan Almeida who brought in donations form the shelter’s Wish List. The items were collected from 4th graders at the school. Thank You!

Leo Evans 2019

Leo Evans

Thank you, Leo, for the two beautiful baskets of pet supplies from your Bar Mitzvah project.

Ceclia Cronin

Celia Cronin

Celia requested donations from the shelter’s Wish List, as gifts for her Bat Mitzvah. Thank you, Celia!

Magit_Kayla 2019

Kayla Magit

For her Bat Mitzvah, Kayla received donations of supplies for the shelter, as well as a cash donation. Thank You, Kayla!

Taylor Paige Neve 2019

Neve and Paige Taylor

The Taylors adopted a husky from the shelter in 2004, and they recently decided to do a fundraiser at Mindy Taylor’s The Pilates Practice in Foxboro. Mindy’s Pilates studio matched whatever donations came in. The result was a large cash donation as well as lots of supplies from the shelter’s Wish List. Thank You!!!

Nick and Allie 2018

Nick and Allie

Nick celebrated his 8th birthday by collecting a cartload of supplies for the shelter. Happy Birthday, Nick!

Mazur donation 2018

Avery, Sydney, and Cassidy

Avery, Sydney, and Cassidy Mazur set up a lemonade stand on one of the 90+ degree days recently, and raised $100.00 to donate to the shelter. Thank you!

Abby Brown 2018

Abby Brown Donation

From her allowance and birthday, Abby saved money to buy shelter supplies and pet food. Thank you, Abby!


Ray Molly 2018

Happy Birthday Ray and Molly

It was Ray’s 3rd birthday, and Molly’s 6th birthday. They requested cat food and supplies for the shelter, instead of presents for themselves. Thank you!!

Claudia Wolf 2018

Claudia Woolf

Enterprising Claudia organized a fundraiser at her school. She brought in donations of cat food and supplies, as well as a cash donation of $530.00. Way to go, Claudia!!


A Birthday for Saoirse

Saoirse (with red hair) donated pet food and cleaning supplies that she received in lieu of presents for her birthday. Thank you!


Matthew Cervasio 2018

Happy Birthday, Matthew

To celebrate his birthday, Matthew Cervasio asked for gifts for the animals at the shelter. Matthew brought in donations of supplies and pet food from our Wish List, as well as cash donations. Thank you, Matthew!


Happy 16th, Andrea Callahan

Andrea Callahan continues her birthday gift donations!  Happy 16th birthday, Andrea, and thanks to all your friends who donated supplies and cash!


Lukas 2018

Happy Birthday, Lukas

For his 4th birthday, Lukas Page asked for donations to the shelter. He chose items from our Wish List: Fancy Feast cat food, Purina Pro Pack Chicken & Rice dog food, paper towels, laundry detergent, and cash. Lukas brought it all to the shelter, and visited with the animals. Thank You, Lukas!
Lukas donation 2018


Happy Holidays
From Allison O’Hara

During the summer Allison raised over $100 with her lemonade stand, and donated the money and pet food as a Christmas present for shelter animals.


Caleb and Eva

Caleb and Eva Huffenus set up a lemonade stand to raise money for the shelter. They also donated several cases of Fancy Feast Classic, which our shelter cats love.

Thank you!!!


Happy Birthday, Nicholas

For his 7th birthday, Nicholas Colasanto asked for donations of cat and dog food, and shelter supplies.
Thank you!


Happy Birthday, Isabel

Animal lover Isabel just turned 11. For her birthday she donated LOTS of Fancy Feast Classic cat food to the shelter. Our  shelter cats will have a delicious holiday, since this is their favorite food.

Thank you, Isabel!

Nicholas ColasantoAllie Colasanto

Nicholas and Allie

Thank you Nicholas and Allie for the huge donation of supplies you brought to the shelter.


Happy Birthday, Alicia Ricci

Alicia is shown with donations she made to the shelter, on her 13th birthday.


Happy 9th Birthday to Emily

Thank you, Emily, for the donation of shelter supplies that you received instead of birthday presents!


Courtney & Declan

Enterprising Courtney and Declan Keenan earned money from their lemonade stand, and donated it to the shelter.


Happy Birthday to Mary Claire

A huge animal lover, Mary Claire requested donations of supplies for the shelter instead of presents for herself to celebrate her birthday.


Junior Troop 85108, Foxborough

 Fox Scouts Bin2015 As part of the service project for their Bronze Award, Foxboro Junior Troop 85108  built a donation box for the Mansfield Animal Shelter, and set it up at the Mansfield Stop & Shop. The troop also created an informational brochure about the shelter.

Shown in the photo (left to right) are Scouts Natalie O’Bryant, Joline Nelson, Emily Kinsman.


Alicia and Dylan Ricci

Dylan and Alicia Ricci are huge animal lovers.  This year, they decided to ask for items and donations for their birthdays instead of gifts.  With the help of family and friends, they donated cat food, dish soap, cleaners, and paper towels, as well as $100 for the shelter.
Alicia and Dylan have not stopped talking about their experience at the shelter. They were able to spend a few minutes with one of the kittens, too.   They are already working on ideas for their next collection.


Lemonade Stand

Maya Ferrara, Kayli Peterson, Charlotte and Leo Bray set up a lemonade stand and donated the profits to the shelter.

Maanya Reddy2015


Maanya - Happy 7th!

Maanya Reddy was in with her family to donate cash and checks collected from gifts she received at her seventh birthday. She told her parents she wanted to donate to take care of the animals, and collected $181, along with an Amazon gift card that will be used to purchase items from our Wish List.  Maanya and her family will be spending the summer in India.


Qualters Middle School - Grade 7

Students from QMS 7th grade class collected donation and supplies for the shelter. They photocopied the shelter's “Wish List” and put a donation box near the office. Students involved in the project were Arianna Delaney, Megan Krone, Joey Foti, and Brandon Tobin. Pictured in the photo is Arianna Delaney.


Benjamin Lambrecht

Benjamin Lambrecht

Benjamin brought a donation of canned cat food, and a bag of coins that he collected.  He has a tzedakah box in his home, and he saves change for the animals.

Callahan 7

Andrea and Lulu Callahan

donated $282.00  in honor of the 2nd annual Seven Fund,  Park Terrace Swim Club of Plainville


Andrea & Lulu Callahan
Donate Again

Andrea & Lulu Callahan, shown with friends, again made a generous donation of shelter supplies that they requested instead of birthday presents. This donation was  in memory of the second annual Park Terrace "Seven" Fund.

Farrell Family

The Farrell Family

Thank you to the Farrell family, who donated shelter supplies, laundry detergent, and paper towels.


The Hannon Sisters

Lyla and Lacey Hannon brought donations of cash and supplies to the shelter after asking for shelter donations instead of presents for a birthday party.


Happy Birthday, Skyla Harlfinger

In stead of having the guests at her 11th birthday party bring gifts for her, Skyla asked them to bring something for the cats and dogs.

Thank you, Skyla!


Girl Scout Troop 85055

Emily Woods, of Girl Scout Troop #85055, was part of a troop project in which each girl brought in a donated item from the Wish List on our website. Accompanying Emily at the shelter is her sister, Mary.


Happy 5th Birthday, Brianna

Brianna (left) donated shelter supplies that she received instead of birthday presents at her 5th birthday party. Pictured right are sister Kaleigh, and brother Jared.

Annie Bday

Happy Birthday, Annie

For her 11th birthday, Annie asked friends to bring shelter donations instead of  gifts. 

Left to right: Annie, Isabelle, Danielle, Annie (birthday girl), Deirdre, Kyra, and Jessie, plus Annie’s dog Lucy

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